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StormquantProject DetailsWebsite: design & devPrint: posters seriesPowerPoint: corporate presentationCollateral: corporate overview & datasheetWebsitestormquant.comThe ClientStormQuant is a weather service platform that provides real-time weather data and analytics. Made up of a team of expert engineers and scientists, StormQuant creates and innovates the way weather data is collected and reported. By improving modern systems and radar detection,...

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Avalon Suites

Avalon SuitesProject DetailsWebsite: design & devCampaign: COVID-19 ClientAvalon Suites provides fully furnished executive suites, conference areas and virtual rooms from two locations in Houston, Texas. Providing access to top of the line amenities, they are equipped to give any company, start-up or executive a comfortable and private rental workspace on their own schedule and...

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TablespoonProject DetailsWebsite: design & devProduct launch: datasheet & landing pageWebsite: tbsp.comThe ClientThe mission of Tablespoon is to assist restaurant owners in growing their businesses effectively by using instrumental financial tools and reporting. They not only give restaurant owners insight into keeping their business strategies savvy but also lend the support of real-time data to yield...

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