Version 1.03
is here,
with a brand
new template.

Upgrade Now

We are happy to announce the release of the latest version of the Sage Intacct Partner plugin, and a new template to accompany it. If you haven't seen the message already, the next time you login to Wordpress you will see a notification of the new template and the availablity of the plugin. Below you will find information on what is new in the plugin, as well as instructions on upgrading the plugin and template.


6 New Pages

  • Core Financials Overview
  • Budget & Planning
  • 4 new Dashboards & Reporting pages

New Plugin Functionality

  • New lead generation form at the bottom of every page that emails the partner directly when submitted.
  • Periodic Blog and Webinar post pushes. The content will come in as draft for you to publish as you see fit.

Plugin Upgrade Instructions

  • 1After logging in you should see a message that says an upgrade is available. Click on Plugins in the left navigation.
  • 2Scroll to the Sage Intacct Partners plugin in the list. You should see a yellow notice that says there is an update available for the Sage Intacct Partner Plugin. If you do not see this notice, hover over Dashboard in the left column navigation and select Updates. Now return to the plugins page and the notice should be displayed.
  • 3Click the update now link in the yellow notice.
  • 4The plugin is now updated.

Template Upgrade Instructions

  • 1When a new template is available it will be found on the Templates page under SIPP Settings in the left column navigation.
  • 2Hover over the template and click the Build Pages button. A modal window will be displayed asking you to confirm you want to build the pages.
  • 3Once the pages are built, click on SIPP Pages in the left column. You will now see draft versions of all of the pages using the new template.
  • 4Update any images or content in the pages you would like.
  • 5On the General Settings page, enter an address for the Lead Email Address. This is where submissions of the new lead form will be sent.
  • 6When you are ready to push the new pages live, return to the Templates page under SIPP Settings.
  • 7Hover over the template and click the Activate button. A modal window will be displayed asking you to confirm you want to activate the template.
  • 8Click the Yes, Activate button and template will be activated and the draft pages will be set to published.
  • 9You will now need to update your menus as any links to the old SIPP pages will be removed. If you do not see the SIPP pages in the left column to add to the menus, click the Screen Options tab at the top right of the page and check the box next to SIPP Pages.