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Creative Marketing

If you are not investing in bold design for your brand, you’re likely missing out on a significant opportunity to grow your audience. In fact, according to Adobe, 38 percent of people will abandon a website if the content and layout are unappealing.

That’s more than a third of customers who will be taking their business elsewhere.

Of course, mastering bold design techniques is easier said than done. These days, every product or service is competing with numerous others for customers’ attention, and dull or uninspired designs are likely to get buried. In a time when an average grade might as well be a failing one, advertisers need to work extra hard to achieve the holy grail: awareness.

At dystrick design, we specialize in building brands through a combination of creative campaigns, dynamic websites, lead and demand generation, print materials, and presentations. Here are some of the many paths by which bold design leads to marketing magic:

Rise Above the Clutter

Bold design doesn’t just mean coming up with a unique idea. On the contrary, the best designers dig deep to uncover a brand’s true personality. Once you know what your brand stands for, you can determine what types of designs – and messaging – that will connect with customers. And you can develop bold creative design ideas that rise above the clutter.

Test the Boundaries

As a marketer, you are responsible for ensuring your brand adds something new to an existing conversation, while remaining a trusted source of information. The most successful companies have leaders who don’t just talk about ideas, but also take steps to turn innovative visions into realities. Creating bold graphics across branded channels can certainly make waves. However, the best designs also raise issues that question the status quo while making your customers take notice.

Resonate With Your Target Audience

Bold design is about more than simple brand awareness — you also have to find ways to stay in your audience’s thoughts while convincing them to act in a way that’s desirable. According to Psychology Today, emotion is the No. 1 reason that customers prefer some brands to others – even when the latter choice is more affordable. If you want to sell more products, find a design strategy that truly resonates with your audience.

Inspire Others to Innovate

Companies that utilize creativity outside the status quo don’t just see a benefit to their bottom line. They also tend to have a happier workforce. When employees have the freedom to pursue new and exciting ways of thinking, they experience increased job satisfaction and are less likely to abandon you for the competition. When your company is branded with innovative design, the company culture tends to reflect this innovation.

Be a Design Leader, Not a Follower

Of course, you can’t be a true designer if all you do is adhere to the current design trends. That’s what followers do. The best designers resist complacency at every turn. Instead of going along with the status quo, they seek out new and disruptive design techniques that elicit emotional reactions from consumers.

If you want to be a design leader, you need to remain in the trenches, designing alongside your employees rather than standing on the sidelines as a coach.
Additionally, keeping a finger in the pie lets you engage in creative discussions with your workforce. When you’re open minded – and willing to change your opinions based on what you learn – you ensure that the best idea rises to the top.

According to the Adobe survey, two thirds of consumers would rather spend their time perusing content that’s beautifully designed rather than content that’s dull. So, do yourself – and them – a favor by creating something truly original.

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