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Restaurant Financials in the Cloud

The mission of Tablespoon is to assist restaurant owners in growing their businesses effectively by using instrumental financial tools and reporting. They not only give restaurant owners insight into keeping their business strategies savvy but also lend the support of real-time data to yield decisions best for each unique space.

Real-time Weather Data and Analytics

StormQuant is a weather service platform that provides real-time weather data and analytics. Made up of a team of expert engineers and scientists, StormQuant creates and innovates the way weather data is collected and reported. By improving modern systems and radar detection, they are able to significantly improve the safety and reaction time to hazardous elements and natural events.

Ready-to-go Container Platform

ContainerX is a team of PhDs, entrepreneurs and container geeks from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix, that came together to create a ready-to-go container platform for enterprise IT. They came to dystrick in need of a digital brand that was creative, different and engaging to their tech audience. They also needed help introducing and marketing their product to the world.

A Better Source for Used Office Furniture

For over 16 years Better Source has helped companies create beautiful and functional office spaces. From office planning and designing to outfitting and installing, Better Source has become the most trusted name in business. Better Source offers a huge selection of new & used office furniture for any style or budget.

Storage, Memory and Drives Done Right

SanDisk engaged dystrick for a comprehensive suite of solutions, encompassing sales presentations, web banner ads, Amazon graphics, and packaging design. Our support extended across various facets, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand representation for SanDisk.

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