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retail box design
diagram design
Image enhancement

The Client

Actiontec, a developer of broadband solutions, has produced a number of industry’s firsts, such as the first call waiting modem, the first USB internet phone device, the first gateway with two PC card slots for expansion and a number of other innovations such as Wireless Display. Actiontec came to dystrick to design and position a high-end product package to be displayed in stores like Best Buy.

The Solution

Product packaging is an important sales tool for any retail business large or small. Working alongside the Microsoft Brand team, dystrick provided Actiontec with a visually appealing design that sparks curiosity and is uniquely different from all other competitors. The design mimics the tone and image of the product with a sensible mix of styles (fonts, graphics, and images). Contact us for your packaging needs.


actiontec/ screenbeam packaging design
dystrick’s design team had two goals in mind. The first goal centered around function which focused on protecting, carrying and presenting the product. The second goal was to create a sleek product package design that would generate a desire for the product, delivers on the brand promise, and enriches the buying experience.
screenbeam packaging design
screenbeam packaging design
screenbeam packaging design
front of screenbeam package
screenbeam packaging

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