Project Details

: brochures, booth walls, postcard, ads, tri-fold
: display ads & landing page

The Client

DURECT is dedicated to advancing medicine for hard-to-treat illnesses, like acute liver or kidney injury, using strong science based on its endogenous epigenetic regulator program. They are committed to providing honest and ethical treatments that make a difference in the lives of people that truly need it. Their research works to support patients, physicians, corporate partners and investors in their constant search for first-class and influential pharmaceutical responses.

The Solution

DURECT began with a vision to create reliable and accurate treatments for the pharmaceutical industry, but they struggled to effectively deliver comprehensive advancements to those on the receiving end. Such advancements, like the ALZET Osmotic Pump, needed promotion, and our designers produced a custom die-cut brochure for the job. Subsequently, we created more print marketing materials in addition to display ads and a landing page. Printables consisted of two display-booth walls, a postcard, tri-fold pamphlets, price sheet and multiple print ads. This included a Neuroscience-centric brochure designed using techniques purposely outside of their conventional branding in order to successfully elicit specific attention. If your business would like to refine or update its promotional image, contact us to learn more.
Designed specifically unlike their original branding, this Neuroscience-specific brochure gave readers clearly defined and paramount information on DURECT’s first-in-class research and development.
durect paper handout
durect paper handout
durect paper handout
We created a die-cut product brochure that would read unexampled in comparison to other pharmaceutical companies. The distinct but subtle shape of the letter “D” used on the cover defined a sophisticated and notable style for DURECT in a largely saturated market.
We reinforced the vision of DURECT using print materials in addition to web-page and ad execution. Each element, from booth walls to display ads, distinguished DURECT as a market leader by using strong findings and superior applications.

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