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Project Details

Architecture & Wireframe
design & development

The Client

Esri, the creators of ArcGIS, the world’s most powerful spatial and analytics software, needed help with the organization, design, and development of their outdated and extremely robust Training section of their website.

The Solution

Organizing all of the information in an intuitive and beautiful way while modernizing functionality was our goal. We first spent time understanding the content and user needs; then used that knowledge into architecting an in-depth wireframe, which was then refined with client and focus group feedback. The design phase was a challenging but fun mix of adhering to the Esri brand guidelines and having creative freedom. In the development phase, we used HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build dozens of fully responsive pages. Please contact us for more information.
Homepage of Training section
Dashboard and detailed information for logged in users
An interactive wireframe was built and refined with client and focus group feedback.