Project Details

Graphic Design:
custom icons & tables

The Client

SanDisk, acquired by WesternDigital in 2015, has been providing consumers and businesses with data storage solutions reliable enough to withstand some of the most harsh conditions for over 25 years. They came to us with a sales deck that did not showcase their greatest selling points in a strong and effective way. We changed that.

The Solution

The sales deck provided to us was selling SanDisk short. Information within the deck was unorganized and too busy for readers to follow clearly. Our creative team cleaned it up by adding design, order, subtle animation, a new icon family and beautiful photography. Our new version of the deck was used as the standard for North American sales and later expanded to EMEA. We continued to make similar adjustments to future decks and began promoting their products on Amazon by designing several sets of unique display ads. If you need help with your sales materials, contact us to learn more.
sandisk homepage
sandisk infograph
Each slide of their sales deck included subtle animation to guide the audience’s eye and help with displaying much information.
Their corporate deck was designed with beautiful photography and simplicity in mind.
We created multiple sets of display ads and graphics to support their products on Amazon.

"dystrick had their work cut out for them with our project. They delivered us an interesting and organized presentation to keep our audience engaged."

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